What is this thing?

Childhood Week is a 4 week event distributed in 4 separate weeks along the year, one for each season. The main thing is to remember and show to each other our childhood either with paintings, photographs, anything artistry and fun! 

The first edition took place in August 2017, in which so many incredible artists participated (check out the Gallery-compilation of favourites HERE). There´s an official list of prompts you can follow for the general topics of each day if you want. Check out last August´s prompt list HERE.

Next upcoming childhood week: DECEMBER 2017 

Stay tuned for news and updates! 



Well, the most fun part of all this is that there are NO rules! :D Just enjoy and be creative! 

Next upcoming event will take place on December 2017 (date coming up soon). 

I´ll be making one illustration per day following the official prompt list. You guys can either do the same or do whichever thing you´d like, any day of that week you prefer :D 

All is valid, from photography to video, illustration, anything that involves art and your childhood memories!

Just don't forget to use the hashtag #childhoodweek or #childhoodweek2017 so that we can all see your works! 

You can also download the 3 different png logo options for you to use as you please HERE.

Any doubts or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me HERE

Ready??? steady??? GO! 




You can use any of these 3 HQ logos HERE for all your works this Childhoodweek! 

Don´t forget to use the hashtag #ChildhoodWeek in your artworks when posting them! :D

August prompts 2017

So this is gonna be the first edition of #Childhoodweek!

Download the official prompt list HERE if you´d like to use it and work ahead (I will too haha) 

Really looking forward to see what you do! :D


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Yuhuuuu finally day 1 of #childhoodweek  --Toys/Videogames

Day 2 of #childhoodweek! --Hideout place--

Day 3 of #childhoodweek! --Battle!--

Day 4 of #childhoodweek! --Holidays!--

Day 5 of #childhoodweek! --Explore!--

Day 6 of #childhoodweek! --Costumes!--

Last day of #childhoodweek! --Best friends!--

Thank you all for being such a big part of this event! More news and upcoming cool stuffs very soon!


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