Do you know how dragons got their fire?

Once Upon a Dragon’s fire is about inclusion and overcoming prejudices.
Talks about a very evil dragon, everybody knows everything about this dragon, but no one has actually seen him.

Sometimes we make statements only to realise we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes, therefore our judgement was not quite accurate.
Understanding what we defend or are against before we run our thoughts or choices makes us see all points of views and be able to make changes.

“Once Upon a Dragon’s fire” is the second book of this series, published in March 2020 by Quarto. It’s already in different languages and many kids’s hands. And a favourite in many homes.

Here's a bit of how I made it and what's inside it:


Some of the final covers


Some of my favourite illustrations:


Here's a video of me reading it with Waterstones


You can now get "Once upon a Dragon's Fire" at your favourite local book store

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