Do you know how unicorns got their horns?

This is my first picture book. I both wrote it and illustrated it back in 2017. It was first published by Quarto Books in 2018.

Once Upon a Unicorn horn talks about the power of friendship, believing in oneself, and turning upside down apparent bad situations spinning them into the most wonderful outcomes.

This story embraces love and being brave to ask for help when needed.
Once Upon a Unicorn’s horn shares the joy of being a child and seeing everything with a fresh point of view. It celebrates the child and all that this carries.

“Once Upon a Unicorn Horn” has been translated into more than 10 languages.  

It has also been shortlisted to the “ Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2020” and “Read it again! Book prize 2019”

Here's a bit of how I made it:


Some exploration around both of the main characters and their interaction when I had a more solid idea of what I wanted.


Before I started painting the whole book, i did a moldboard and color script, just as you would find in a movie but for the book. I find that the more I see the book from the distance and all together, the better i can express my ideas and the mood i want throughout the book.


Color tests and texture tests from pre production stage


Then I designed page by page according to my dummy illustrations done previously along the text I had written


Some of my favourite spreads:


Here's a book reading I did with Waterstones:


And the final cover


You can now find the book Once Upon a Unicorn Horn in all sorts of online stores in Spanish, Catalan, Gallego, Portuguese, French, German, English and so many others at your favourite book stores. 

Soon in more languages too :D


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